Thursday, February 21, 2013

blogger meta description best practices

When creating a brand new blog, it's really important to insert meta tags on the bloggspot site such as title, keywords, description, robots ... etc.The major search engine such as google is intelligent enough to create relevant keywords for the blog/site by crawling the page. so what is the point of adding keyword meta tag to site ?? It is not really important perspective to Google. however other search engine may be use keyword meta tag, so do not forget to add keyword meta tag.  

The description meta tag plays major role on Google page ranking. don't forget Google own more than 60% percent of search engine traffic.Traditionally we are used to adding meta tag to blogger site similar to below by editing the html code of the blog.

 <meta content='your site Title is here' name='title'/>
 <meta content='your site keyword is here' name='keyword'/>

But what happen if you do the same for description tag ?? If you do that, every page of your blog has same description and search engine refuse to index those page by considering they have same I'm going to discuss best practices of creating meta description to your blog.

* Adding Global meta description

1) Write a blog/web description

Take your time and create best description that is suitable to your site. it should be clear and concise with characters of 80 - 100.

2) Login to blogger site

so let's take advantage of blogger inbuilt tool of putting meta description.
 go to Setting --> Search preference --> edit Description and save. Use blow screen capture for your reference

Adding global meta Description to Blogger

* Adding meta description for each post

3) So now you have successfully added global  description to your blog. next thing is, put a description to each blog post.It's so simple. go to Post --> click "edit" which post you want to add description
find "Search Description" field from left hand side panel, insert you page description, now you are done.

individual description to each blog post

Tip:- your page description should be the summary of the post. Remeber to add as much as keyword when you writing that summary ( to find relevant keywords use Google Adwords tool)
you can verify each meta tags including description meta tag using below tool.

4) happy blogging :)


  1. Thanks for your tutorial... =)

  2. Thanks for this great post.
    My blog is very old and contains around 900 posts. It is very difficult to edit each and every post and then write meta description. Is there any script or any other way which can tell the to take the description text from the page itself.

  3. Thank for the article .
    Last few weeks i was looking for the solution to my duplicate meta tag problem and now i found the solution. My Meta tag in Search preference in blogger were off. Now i enable them.
    Now one more question i have to ask is . To solve this issue more. Do i have to write meta description for every single post now. now is there any short coding that i can apply which should solve the problem for all post.
    Good post.

  4. In the meta description tag activation box on the blogger is left blank? so that each page has a different description ... thanks for the answer.

  5. his package is very much wanted to get this package to do it.


  6. Ok, at least , this thing doesn't require a third-party plugin in order to add meta description

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