Friday, November 30, 2012

How to install Redhat enterprise linux from usb drive

Installing Redhat Linux from DVD is not a huge task unless not going to customize for advance installation. However if you do same using USB drive ,you have some extra work to do. First time when I installed the Redhat Linux through USB drive I faced so many difficulties, so in this tutorial I'm going describe how I avoid those obstacle to made successful installation.

1) download and install "linux live usb creator" from this link

2) format the USB drive with FAT32. open that application and follow the steps mention on that application to create bootable usb drive. it's better un-tick the "Hide created file on key" from options. it will helpful to view all created files on the USB later.
you can test the USB using "mobalivecd" application. link is

3) I have faced the following error message in the middle of the installation

  Missing ISO 9660 Image

  The installer has tried to mount image #1, but cannot find it
  on the hard drive.
  Please copy this image to the drive and click Retry. Click
  Exit to abort the installation.

4) Solution for that error message is putting a redhat iso image into the USB drive.this is crazy but it's only solution i have found so far and it's worked :) .

rhel 6

5) Restart your pc and change boot method to USB

6) Follow Redhat installation steps. after you select the "install or upgrade an existing system" from the menu.
you may get a blinking cursor screen for 10 to 15 mins.pls be patient :-) .

7) Select "Language " , "key borad" according to your preference. once you got the "Redhat installation method" screen make sure to select "Hard drive"

Redhat Linux Installation Method

8) Click "ok" and then you get an screen similar to the following
 it will display all devices connected to your pc. for an example

/dev/sda1   <-- hard disk partition 1
/dev/sda2   <-- hard disk partition 2
/dev/sdb1   <-- USB drive

select your usb's depend on your system , according to above example it is /dev/sdb1 . and click "Ok" to continue.

select partition holds the installation image for red hat linux

9) Follow rest of the steps, and install the Redhat Linux !.

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