Wednesday, October 31, 2012

how to change default secureCRT appearance into Traditional color schemes

Default color scheme of SecureCRT is not eye friendly and if you work for long time with default color scheme your eye may be get tired . It is better to change color scheme into someting eye friendly. My suggestion is Traditional color schemes (Foreground is green and Background is black)

[1] Open the SecureCRT , click on " options " --> " Global options.. " . then you will get a window similar to the following

[2 ] select " General " --> " Default Session " --> " Edit Default Settings.. ", then you will have a window similar to the following

[3] Select " Appearance " --> and choose " Traditional "  form Current color schme drop down list . then click " OK " to apply the setting .

[4] Then SecureCRT prompt with a waring message like below, click " YES " and restart the SecureCRT

[5] SecureCRT color scheme is changed  , hooray !!!


  1. Thanks man it help me a lot

  2. I tried this and everything still appears as Monochrome. Any ideas?


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